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Lloyd Werft Bremerhaven (LWB) is all set to start construction of a new breed of 7,000 dwt Offshore Cablelayer for the German company Beluga

The vessel set to be called “Beluga Connection” will be the first cable-layer built through a new consortium of expertise bringing together shipbuilding experts at Beluga Fleet Management, HB Hunte Engineering and Deutsche Offshore Consult.

Fees in the region of about €50 million have been quoted and the work is set to start very soon, with completion expected in May 2012.

The vital statistics are 110m long, 28m wide and draw 4.5m. While the propulsion system will comprise four 1,000kW azimuth thrusters, two of them retractable, and a 450kW bow thruster. The ship will boast three onboard cranes for lifting rolls of cable and will load a maximum of 4,000 tons of cable.

Maximum transfer speed will be 12 knots and the ship will boast a sea swell compensator for cable laying and be able to lay in depths of 50m.

Beluga Connection will also boast a four point mooring system, as well as a 4m x 7m moon pool and a diving system with decompression chamber. Officials said the ship’s deck could easily be converted for other tasks, for example offshore supply


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AB Volvo Penta and Garmin Ltd have entered into a joint development and marketing strategic alliance to provide instrumentation, navigation and communication equipment for marine use.

As a result, Volvo Penta will strengthen its position as a world-leading supplier of integrated propulsion systems in the marine industry.

Boat builders and end users in the marine industry are looking for increasingly complete and integrated system solutions for the entire chain from propeller to antenna. AB Volvo Penta and the Swiss company, Garmin Ltd, will create unique opportunities to comply with these customer requirements.

As a result of this strategic alliance, Volvo Penta and Garmin will jointly develop marine instrumentation, navigation, and communication equipment, which will be marketed in a complete customer offer for fully integrated drive systems and instruments.

This strategic alliance will make Volvo Penta the world-leading “One-Stop Shop” in the marine industry for engines, drivelines and system solutions for instruments and navigation, thereby creating important advantages for boat builders, dealers and end users.

“The Volvo Penta and Garmin strategic alliance  will provide our mutual  customers access to  state-of-the-art communication technology and a complete programme of multifunctional instruments which will significantly strengthen our world-leading position when it comes to complete, integrated drive systems for boats,” says Göran Gummeson, President of Volvo Penta.

“Garmin is honored to work with Volvo Penta,” said Cliff Pemble, Garmin’s President and COO. “This alliance allows Volvo Penta and Garmin to seamlessly combine the strengths of both companies to offer market-leading integrated system solutions that are of the best design and highest quality.”

As electronic systems continue to gain ground in the marine sector, the propulsion system in boats is being  increasingly integrated in the driver’s environment. Volvo Penta is linking engines and transmissions with instruments, controls and accessories in the electronic platform known as EVC, Electronic Vessel Control.

Using this electronic platform, Volvo Penta has been able to deliver products including the  joystick and the Dynamic Positioning System, making boating easier and more convenient for the end user.

Together with Garmin’s innovative instrumentation, communication, and navigation solutions, Volvo Penta will now be able to create an even better driver’s environment, with a strong focus on comfort and user friendliness.

“Driving a boat should be easy. It should be enough simply to press the start button to power the entire system – in much the same way as a passenger car. The better we are at offering technology that simplifies boating, the greater our potential to attract new customer groups,”  adds Göran Gummeson.

Volvo Penta’s and Garmin’s joint products will be introduced successively, starting in 2012.