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Navigation Engineering Services
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AddressUnit 11 Dales Industrial Estate
AB42 3JF
United Kingdom
Primary Telephone+44 (0)1779 481817
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Navigation Engineering Services Ltd understand the area of sensors for the D.P. System to use to allow the vessel to operate safely within its given environment.

In particular we understand the use of and development of the Laser based scanner or Laser  Radar type of system and its targets.

we have moved on from the 35 year old design of a round Omni directional pole to mount our prisms, or clunky methods of bolting down. to a system more used to being quickly deployed on the target platform or drilling rig. And attaching using easy install V bolts, we even supply the spanner.

We are a manufacturer of various products which can be used in today's D.P. Workscope.

talking as much as possible with the user and trying to understand the ever changing need to evolve the products to keep up with the ever increasing types of vessel now using D.P.. And how they can be reliant on host platforms or rigs to mount there Laser targets.

We are Always open to ideas or criticism from our clients or clients engineers in order to incorporate modifications as they become available to our positioning equipment.  Please e mail at any time, we will respond.

we are a small company with good transport links and send products worldwide on a regular basis, thanks to our experienced shipping partners.

so let's move forward together or better still, stay on D.P..until we are asked to move the half meter to port the ROV or divers.

its a great d.P. Life , ask how we can make it a bit better. Or tell us how we can improve your D.P. Sensor install.