About Us

The International Dynamic Positioning Operators Association (IDPOA) is a not-for-profit, professional organization for Dynamic Positioning Operators (DPO’s) and related companies worldwide.

We work to enhance and improve the professional interests of DPO’s by providing a focal point for news, industry debate, career support services, training and recruitment. We are able to finally bring together the thoughts of DPO’s to finally provide a long overdue representative voice to the maritime industry.

Qualified DPO’s are invited to join as fellows of IDPOA (fDPO), while individuals with an interest and link to dynamic positioning may also join as members (mDPO).

Take a look around the site and see what fits you best. In addition there are membership categories for shipping companies, training centres and equipment manufacturers.

The mission of the Association:

i.    To assist in the professional development and career progressionof Dynamic Positioning Operators.
ii.    To help promote the observance of high professional standards of Dynamic Positioning Operators.
iii.    To promote and gain recognition of the Association as a responsible organisation representing the interests of Dynamic Positioning Operators.
iv.    To establish and maintain guidance and advisory facilities in relation to the activities of the Dynamic Positioning Operators.
v.    To work to enhance the appeal of careers in dynamic positioning to the wider industry, and also potential candidates outside of the maritime sector.
vi.    To align with the principles of The International Maritime Organization in promoting “safe, secure and efficient shipping on clean oceans”.
vii.    Generally to undertake all such activities as are likely to be of benefit to Dynamic Positioning Operators and the interests of members of the Association.
viii.    The Association seeks to represent the professional views of its members to and within the international, national and local bodies deemed to likely benefit from dynamic positioning practitioner input.
ix.    The Association shall not support with its funds any objective, activity or endeavour to impose on or procure to be observed by its members or others any regulations or restrictions, which if any object of the Association would make it a trade union.

We are growing by working hard for you, our members, providing the very best information, latest job opportunities and career guidance in one place. Ensuring the shipping industry will never again have to simply guess what the people at the DP desk are really thinking or going through.

So if you do DP…join IDPOA today and add your voice and support to your professional association.